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Seroprevalence of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Among Healthcare Personnel Caring for Patients With Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in South Korea

  • Ji Yeon Lee (a1), Gayeon Kim (a2), Dong-Gyun Lim (a3), Hyeon-Gun Jee (a3), Yunyoung Jang (a4), Joon-Sung Joh (a1), Ina Jeong (a1), Yeonjae Kim (a2), Eunhee Kim (a4) and Bum Sik Chin (a2)...


Corresponding author

Address correspondence to Bum Sik Chin, MD, PhD, Center for Infectious Diseases, National Medical Center, 245, Euljiro, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-799, Republic of Korea (


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