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Reality Check: How Should We Control Antimicrobial Use? Current Practices and Controversies

  • Bruno Coignard (a1) (a2), Jane D. Siegel (a3), Robert A. Weinstein (a4), Annette H. Sohn (a1) (a2), Ronda L. Sinkowitz-Cochran (a1) and William R. Jarvis (a1)...


The infectious diseases community shares a wide consensus about the need for control of antimicrobial use. However, current practices toward this goal remain controversial. This “Reality Check” session assessed attendees of the 4th Decennial Conference regarding their knowledge and practices about control of antimicrobial use in hospitals.


Corresponding author

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Rd, Mail Stop E69, Atlanta, GA 30333


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Reality Check: How Should We Control Antimicrobial Use? Current Practices and Controversies

  • Bruno Coignard (a1) (a2), Jane D. Siegel (a3), Robert A. Weinstein (a4), Annette H. Sohn (a1) (a2), Ronda L. Sinkowitz-Cochran (a1) and William R. Jarvis (a1)...


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