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A Prevalence Survey of Infections in a Combined Acute and Long-Term Care Hospital

  • Susan J. Standfast (a1), Phyllis B. Michelsen (a1), Aldona L. Baltch (a1), Raymond P. Smith (a1), Ethel K. Latham (a1), Ann B. Spellacy (a1), Richard A. Venezia (a1) and Mary H. Andritz (a1)...


A prevalence survey of infections among 572 acute and long-term care patients in the Albany Veterans Administration Medical Center was conducted in September 1979. Presence of infection was determined by patient examination and chart review. Urine specimens from 94% of patients were cultured. The total number of clinically significant infections was 178; 117 were nosocomial (20.5 per 100 patients). The prevalence rate of nosocomial infections was highest on the Intermediate Service (long-term medical care) followed by the Surgical and Medical Services. Sites with the highest nosocomial infection rates were urinary tract (10.7), skin and subcutaneous tissues (5.1), and surgical wounds (3.0) per 100 patients. Nosocomial infections increased with age and length of hospital stay which partially explained the higher rate on the Intermediate Service. Patients using condom drainage and Foley catheters showed similarly high rates of bacteriuria. Antimicrobial drug use was 17% for acute care patients and 4% for long-term and psychiatry patients. Excepting Providencia stuartii urinary tract infection confined to the Intermediate Service, the bacterial isolates and their antibiotic susceptibilities were similar for the acute and long-term care services.


Corresponding author

Infectious Disease Section, VA Medical Center, Albany, NY 12208


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A Prevalence Survey of Infections in a Combined Acute and Long-Term Care Hospital

  • Susan J. Standfast (a1), Phyllis B. Michelsen (a1), Aldona L. Baltch (a1), Raymond P. Smith (a1), Ethel K. Latham (a1), Ann B. Spellacy (a1), Richard A. Venezia (a1) and Mary H. Andritz (a1)...


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