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Prevalence, Prediction, and Clonality of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Carriage at Admission to Medical Units in Hong Kong, China

  • Shik Luk (a1), Alex Yat Man Ho (a1), Tak Keung Ng (a1), Iris Hoi Ling Tsang (a2), Eliza Hoi Ying Chan (a2), Kin Wing Choi (a2) (a3), Ngai Chong Tsang (a4) (a5), Rodney Allan Lee (a6), Vincent Chi Chung Cheng (a7), Sau Chun Fung (a8), Wai Man Lai (a9), Tak Lun Que (a10) and Andrew Tin Yau Wong (a2)...



To determine the prevalence, risk factors, and molecular epidemiology of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) colonization at the time of admission to acute medical units and to develop a cost-effective screening strategy.


Nasal and groin screening cultures were performed for patients at admission to 15 acute medical units in all 7 catchment regions in Hong Kong. All MRSA isolates were subjected to spa typing.


The overall carriage rate of MRSA was 14.3% (95% confidence interval [CI], 13.5–15.1). MRSA history within the past 12 months (adjusted odds ratio [OR], 4.60 [95% CI, 3.28–6.44]), old age home residence (adjusted OR, 3.32 [95% CI, 2.78–3.98]), and bedbound state (adjusted OR, 2.19 [95% CI, 1.75–2.74]) were risk factors selected as MRSA screening criteria that provided reasonable sensitivity (67.4%) and specificity (81.8%), with an affordable burden (25.2%). spa typing showed that 89.5% (848/948) of the isolates were clustered into the 4 spa clonal complexes (CCs): spa CC1081, spa CC032, spa CC002, and spa CC4677. Patients colonized with MRSA spa types t1081 (OR, 1.77 [95% CI, 1.49–2.09]) and t4677 (OR, 3.09 [95% CI, 1.54–6.02]) were more likely to be old age home residents.


MRSA carriage at admission to acute medical units was prevalent in Hong Kong. Our results suggest that targeted screening is a pragmatic approach to increase the detection of the MRSA reservoir. Molecular typing suggests that old age homes are epicenters in amplifying the MRSA burden in acute hospitals. Enhancement of infection control measures in old age homes is important for the control of MRSA in hospitals.


Corresponding author

12/F, Department of Pathology, Block G, Princess Margaret Hospital, Hong Kong, China (


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