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Nosocomial Transmission of Hepatitis A in an Adult Population

  • Ramona Baptiste (a1), Deloris Koziol (a1) and David K. Henderson (a1)


Nosocomial transmission of hepatitis A from patients to staff members is an unusual event. Recently, several cases of occupational transmission of hepatitis A to health care workers have been reported in the literature. Most of these have occurred as a result of transmission from an infected child to a staff member involved in his or her care. We report an additional case of transmission of hepatitis A from an infected adult to a staff member and review the literature regarding nosocomial hepatitis A transmission. The review emphasizes several points that nearly all instances of nosocomial transmission of hepatitis A have in common, including the role of asymptomatic infection, the timing of hospitalization, and the fact that index patients often have an underlying illness that obscures the early diagnosis of hepatitis A. In addition, several other areas of controversy with respect to hepatitis A are discussed.


Corresponding author

Hospital Epidemiologist, The Clinical Center, Building 10, Room 11N223, 9000 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20892


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