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Monsel's Solution: A Potential Vector for Nosocomial Infection?

  • Mark E. Rupp (a1), Sharon J. Medcalf (a2), Paul D. Fey (a1), Luke D. Handke (a1) and Nedra D. Marion (a2)...


Monsel's solution is a common topically applied hemostatic agent used in minor dermatologic and gynecologic surgery. Clinically, because it is often stored for long periods and dispensed from a common source for multiple patients, Monsel's solution is a potential vector for transmission of infection. However, microbiologic inoculation studies and contamination surveys indicate that Monsel's solution has properties that prohibit microbial growth, making it an unlikely vector for nosocomial infection.


Corresponding author

984031 Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE 68198-4031


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