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Lessons Learned From a Norovirus Outbreak in a Locked Pediatric Inpatient Psychiatric Unit

  • David J. Weber (a1) (a2), Emily E. Sickbert-Bennett (a1), Jan Vinjé (a3), Vickie M. Brown (a1), Jennifer K. MacFarquhar (a2), Jeffrey P. Engel (a4) and William A. Rutala (a1) (a2)...


We report an outbreak of norovirus in a locked pediatric inpatient psychiatric unit with attack rates of 75% among 4 patients and 26% among 38 staff. Factors contributing to the outbreak included environmental contamination, close staff-patient contact including sharing meals, and inability to confine the index patient with the use of contact precautions.


Corresponding author

CB #7030, 130 Mason Farm Road, UNC at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC


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Lessons Learned From a Norovirus Outbreak in a Locked Pediatric Inpatient Psychiatric Unit

  • David J. Weber (a1) (a2), Emily E. Sickbert-Bennett (a1), Jan Vinjé (a3), Vickie M. Brown (a1), Jennifer K. MacFarquhar (a2), Jeffrey P. Engel (a4) and William A. Rutala (a1) (a2)...


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