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Intradermal Recombinant Hepatitis B Vaccine for Healthcare Workers Who Fail to Respond to Intramuscular Vaccine

  • E. Geoffrey Playford (a1), Patrick G. Hogan (a2), Amolak S. Bansal (a2), Kareena Harrison (a1), David Drummond (a3), David F. M. Looke (a1) and Michael Whitby (a1)...



To study the humoral immune responses, safety, and tolerability of intradermal recombinant hepatitis B vaccination in healthcare workers (HCWs) nonresponsive to previous repeated intramuscular vaccination.


An open, prospective, before–after trial.


A tertiary referral hospital and surrounding district health service in Queensland, Australia.


Hospital and community HCWs nonresponsive to previous intramuscular hepatitis B vaccination.


Intradermal recombinant hepatitis B vaccine was administered every second week for a maximum of 4 doses. Hepatitis B surface antibody (anti-HBs) responses were assessed 2 weeks after each dose.


Protective anti-HBs levels developed in 17 (94%) of 18 study subjects. Three doses resulted in seroconversion of all responding subjects and the highest geometric mean antibody concentration. The vaccine was well tolerated.


More than 90% of previously nonresponsive HCWs responded to intradermal recombinant hepatitis B vaccine with protective anti-HBs levels.


Corresponding author

Centre for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Laboratory Services, Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research, Westmead Hospital, Westmead, NSW 2145, Australia


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Intradermal Recombinant Hepatitis B Vaccine for Healthcare Workers Who Fail to Respond to Intramuscular Vaccine

  • E. Geoffrey Playford (a1), Patrick G. Hogan (a2), Amolak S. Bansal (a2), Kareena Harrison (a1), David Drummond (a3), David F. M. Looke (a1) and Michael Whitby (a1)...


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