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Current Approach to Latent Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Treatment among Medical Center Occupational Health Physicians

  • Christopher Vinnard (a1), Darren Linkin (a2) and Amy Behrman (a3)


We surveyed physicians in a national occupational medicine society regarding diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection in healthcare workers. Most respondents used a combination of skin testing and interferon gamma release assays. Respondents integrating interferon gamma release assays into screening placed greater importance on employee acceptability and convenience.


Corresponding author

Division of Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine, 245 North 15th Street, MS 461, New College Building 6314, Philadelphia, PA 19102 (


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Current Approach to Latent Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Treatment among Medical Center Occupational Health Physicians

  • Christopher Vinnard (a1), Darren Linkin (a2) and Amy Behrman (a3)


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