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An Outbreak of Bacillus Species in a Cancer Hospital

  • Luiz Claudio Santos Thuler (a1), Eduardo Velasco (a1), Carlos Alberto de Souza Martins (a1), Lúcia Maria Dias de Faria (a2), Nereida Proença da Fonseca (a2), Leda Maria de Castro Dias (a1) and Vania Maria da Silva e Castro Gonçalves (a1)...


Bacillus species were recovered from the blood cultures of 39 oncology patients over 14 weeks. A matched case-control study showed a strong association of Bacillus species bacteremia with use of calcium gluconate solution (odds ratio=25.0) and of central venous lines (odds ratio=8.8). Stopping use of the implicated calcium gluconate vials controlled the outbreak.


Corresponding author

Rua General Glicério, 486/1002, 22245-120 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


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