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Of Babies and Bathwater: Don't Throw the Measure Out With the Application

  • David J. Woehr (a1) and Sylvia G. Roch (a2)


Adler et al. (2016) provide a discussion of the pros and cons surrounding the issue of “Getting Rid of Performance Ratings.” Yet neither the pro nor the con side of the debate appears to fully consider the central role of performance ratings outside the realm of performance management.


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Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to David J. Woehr, Department of Management, University of North Carolina Charlotte, 9201 University City Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28223-0001. E-mail:


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Of Babies and Bathwater: Don't Throw the Measure Out With the Application

  • David J. Woehr (a1) and Sylvia G. Roch (a2)


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