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‘Retrospects’ are digital collections of articles from across the archive of The Historical Journal. The editors call for proposals from scholars interested in introducing and curating such digital collections. This initiative is intended to highlight both long-standing and emergent concerns addressed by the The Historical Journal.

Proposals for a ‘Retrospect’ collection should include a list of articles from the journal’s archive together with a short statement of the intellectual importance of such a collection and how it would advance appreciation of the changing currents of historiography. The editors expect ‘Retrospect’ collections to align with the usual length of a journal issue. The guest editor’s introduction will also appear in the print-copy of The Historical Journal and can be between 2000 and 8000 words in length.

Proposals from post-doctoral fellows and early-career scholars are especially welcome. The editors of The Historical Journal are happy to answer queries on this call. There is no deadline for receipt of proposals.

Sujit Sivasundaram
Emma Griffin

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