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P. Sextius Baculus

  • Theodore Horn


In the Gallic War Caesar mentions rather less than fifty Roman soldiers by name. Naturally the names of his legati occur most frequently, though he does not always give the rank. Eight, possibly nine, are centurions, and one is the standard-bearer of the Fourteenth Legion. None is a legionary soldier, though we know the name of one, Lucanius, because his father, a senior centurion, Q. Lucanius, was killed trying to rescue him in the disaster at Atuatuca. There are certain surprising omissions. For example, we are not told the name of the standard-bearer of the Tenth Legion, whose gallantry rallied the faltering troops at the first landing in Britain. Surely Caesar knew the name of this distinguished man in his crack legion. One officer, P. Considius, receives an unenviable mention. He made a mistake. Perhaps in extenuation, or in regret, Caesar remarks that he had won a good reputation under Sulla and Crassus.



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P. Sextius Baculus

  • Theodore Horn


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