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Call for Papers - Infectious and Tropical Disease

Guest Editors: 

Annika Sweetland, Columbia University, USA 

Julian Eaton, CBM International/London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK 

Individuals with infectious and tropical diseases have a greater risk for mental disorders than the general population, and are disproportionately negatively affected by these illnesses including excess morbidity and mortality. A combination of social, biological and behavioral factors contributes to this increased burden. Many infectious diseases are heavily stigmatized which can affect social relationships, employment, education, political rights, access to healthcare and, consequently, mental health. People with mental disorders may be less likely to adhere to and/or complete medical treatments and therefore have greater risk for drug-resistance and death. Biological factors including inflammation may not only increase risk for depression, but complicate screening and diagnosis. 

In this special issue, we seek papers that address any aspect of psychiatric comorbidity among individuals with infectious and tropical diseases including, but not limited to, tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, Ebola virus disease, polio, leprosy, lymphatic filariasis and other neglected tropical diseases. We welcome submissions that relate to: 

• Feasibility, acceptability, efficacy, effectiveness, and sustainability of evidence-based psycho social, clinical and pharmacological interventions and the impact on treatment outcomes 

• Integration of mental health services into the prevention and treatment of infectious and tropical diseases at the primary care level 

• Interventions to reduce the negative impact of multiple stigmas on peoples’ lives and health outcomes 

• Mental health impact of tropical and infectious diseases among vulnerable populations including, but not limited to, prisoners, refugees, children and older adults, TB/HIV co-infection, homeless, and people with disabilities. 

• Specific epidemiologic and screening tools for comorbid mental health conditions among individuals with infectious and tropical diseases. 

We will consider all articles types that address the topics outlined above and will accept submissions on a rolling basis until 31 May 2019. Global Mental Health is a Gold Open Access publication. A full description of the journal’s Open Access policies, including article processing fees (APCs), our discretionary waiver policy, and how to submit can be found at