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The Vulcano-Glacial Palagonite Formation of Iceland

  • Martin A. Peacock (a1)


The geological feature which strikes the traveller in Iceland perhaps most forcibly is the complete contrast afforded by the well-ordered, level, or gently dipping basalt sheets with almost negligible tuff intercalations which constitute the Pre-glacial Kainozoic Plateau and the Late-glacial and Recent volcanic formations, and the enormous, chaotic, rarely-bedded accumulations of the Palagonite Formation in which lava flows are subordinate in amount; and he is at once presented with the question: Why did igneous action which produced lava sheets in Pre-glacial times result in dominant tuffs and breccias in the period which followed, and then revert to the production of lavas in later times ? This question has not yet been fully answered.



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The Vulcano-Glacial Palagonite Formation of Iceland

  • Martin A. Peacock (a1)


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