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Stratigraphic significance of calcareous microfossils from the Lower Carboniferous rocks of the Skipton area, Yorkshire

  • M. D. Fewtrell (a1) and David G. Smith (a2)


Assemblages of calcareous foraminifera and algae have been examined in thin sections of Dinantian limestones from the Skipton, Broughton, Hetton, Eshton, Swinden and Lothersdale anticlines in the Craven Lowlands. Provisional identifications are listed for each assemblage and a correlation of the rock successions is suggested. The assemblages range from late Tournaisian to late Viséan in age, in terms of the Belgian divisions, and from Courceyan to Asbian in terms of the new chronostratigraphic stages of George et al. (1976).



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Stratigraphic significance of calcareous microfossils from the Lower Carboniferous rocks of the Skipton area, Yorkshire

  • M. D. Fewtrell (a1) and David G. Smith (a2)


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