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The Solund–Stavfjord Ophiolite Complex and associated rocks, west Norwegian Caledonides: geology, geochemistry and tectonic environment

  • H. Furnes (a1), K. P. Skjerlie (a1), R. B. Pedersen (a1), T. B. Andersen (a2), C J. Stillman (a3), R. J. Suthren (a4), M. Tysseland (a1) and L. B. Garmann (a1)...


Metabasalts of the Upper Ordovician Solund-Stavfjord Ophiolite Complex of the westernmost Norwegian Caledonides, show N-to E-MORB affinity, with high Th/Ta (or Nb) ratios giving evidence of subduction influence. The Solund–Stavfjord Ophiolite Complex is overlain by a heterogeneous assemblage of sedimentary and volcanic rocks, the Stavenes Group, of which the Heggøy Formation of metasandstones and phyllites conformably overlies the metabasalts of the Solund–Stavfjord Ophiolite Complex. The Heggøy Formation contains, in places, abundant metabasalt pillow lavas and minor intrusions, geochemically similar to those of the Solund–Stavfjord Ophiolite Complex, and basic metavolcaniclastites of island arc tholeiite (IAT) composition. This indicates that the Solund–Stavfjord Ophiolite Complex and Heggøy Formation developed in a marginal basin between a continental margin and an active subduction system, for which the present-day Andaman Sea may provide a realistic model. The other magmatic rocks of the Stavenes Group, showing both calc-alkaline and alkaline affinities, are less well time-constrained, but they are thought to represent an advanced stage of the island arc development, and ocean island build-up, respectively.



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