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Revision of the Dinantian stratigraphy of the Craven Basin, N England

  • M. D. Fewtrell (a1) and D. G. Smith (a1)


New work on the sedimentology and palaeontology of the classic area of the ‘basinal’ facies of the Carboniferous Limestone requires that a formal lithostratigraphic framework be established to rationalize the existing system of local rock units and regional lithofaunal ‘groups’ and ‘series’. Five formations, based on the existing ’groups‘ in the Clitheroe area, are defined for the whole Craven Basin outcrop. They are, from the base, the Chatburn Limestone Formation, the Clitheroe Limestone Formation (which includes the ’reef-knolls’ of the Clitheroe area), the Worston Shale Formation, the Pendleside Limestone Formation (to include the knolls of the Craven reef belt) and the Bowland Shale Formation. The chronostratigraphy, in terms of the six British Dinantian Stages, and a provisional micropalaeontological biostratigraphy are outlined.



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Revision of the Dinantian stratigraphy of the Craven Basin, N England

  • M. D. Fewtrell (a1) and D. G. Smith (a1)


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