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Reinterpretation of ceratitic ammonoids from the Greville Formation, New Zealand

  • W. M. Furnish (a1), B. F. Glenister (a1), B. Kummel (a2), C. Spinosa (a3), W. Sweet (a4) and C. Teichert (a5)...


Ceratitic ammonoids from the Greville Formation in the Nelson Regional Syncline, South Island of New Zealand, were described as a new genus and species of the Ophiceratidae, Durvilleoceras woodmani, and dated as ‘late Middle Permian’ (Waterhouse, 1973). In fact, Durvilleoceras differs from all known Permian ammonoids in both conch form and sutural pattern, but closely resembles lower Triassic ceratites. Structural and sedimentologic complexities within the Nelson Syncline are such that stratigraphic interpretations are questionable, and the fauna of both the Greville and adjacent formations is sparse. Consequently, we consider that Durvilleoceras is best interpreted as a middle Scythian ceratite of the family Flemingitidae.



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Reinterpretation of ceratitic ammonoids from the Greville Formation, New Zealand

  • W. M. Furnish (a1), B. F. Glenister (a1), B. Kummel (a2), C. Spinosa (a3), W. Sweet (a4) and C. Teichert (a5)...


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