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Nd–Sr–Pb isotopic composition and mantle sources of Triassic rift units in the Serbo-Macedonian and the western Rhodope massifs (Bulgaria–Greece)



We report on the field occurrence and isotopic compositions of metamafic rocks exposed in the Serbo-Macedonian (Volvi and Therma bodies) and western Rhodope (Rila Mountains) massifs of Bulgaria and Greece. These metamafic units consist of high- and low-Ti gabbroic and basaltic rocks, whose Nd–Sr–Pb isotopes are compatible with mantle-derived MORB and OIB components with a small amount of crustal material involved in their melt source. These isotopic features combined with the field observations are consistent with an intra-continental rift origin of the metamafic rocks protolith, and are comparable to those of the Triassic rift-related mafic rocks in the northern Aegean region.


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Nd–Sr–Pb isotopic composition and mantle sources of Triassic rift units in the Serbo-Macedonian and the western Rhodope massifs (Bulgaria–Greece)



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