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Kinetics of pyrope megacryst reactions in ascending basaltic magma – relevance to high-pressure magmatic crystallization at Elie Ness, East Fife

  • Colin H. Donaldson (a1)


The rates of resorption of pyrope in basaltic melt and of pyrope decomposition to pyroxene + melt at pressures below the stability of garnet are used to examine the proposition (Chapman, 1976) that pyrope megacrysts in the Elie Ness neck began ascent from the mantle at 1300–1450°C. Both reactions are extremely rapid at these temperatures and yet the petrographic evidence is that neither occurred. Either the transporting magma cooled extremely rapidly during ascent (> 30000 °/h) or, more likely, was considerably cooler than previously proposed. Water was a significant constituent of the magma, and a crystallization temperature for the garnet of as little as 1000 °C is possible, based on existing phase–equilibria data.



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Kinetics of pyrope megacryst reactions in ascending basaltic magma – relevance to high-pressure magmatic crystallization at Elie Ness, East Fife

  • Colin H. Donaldson (a1)


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