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The geology of Kong Karls Land, Svalbard

  • D. G. Smith (a1), W. B. Harland (a2), N. F. Hughes (a2) and C. A. G. Pickton (a2)


The only substantial descriptions of the small, generally ice-bound archipelago in eastern Svalbard were from an expedition led by Nathorst in 1898 which landed in Kong Karls Land for fourteen days. Our paper amplifies those findings, from work with a helicopter-borne expedition in 1969. The easternmost of the three main islands, and all the small islands, are formed of basic igneous rocks of Cretaceous age. Two of the main islands, Svenskøya and Kongsøya, are formed of latest Triassic to early Cretaceous strata, protected by caps of Cretaceous lava that determine their shape and the general topography. The third, Abeløya, is basaltic throughout.



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The geology of Kong Karls Land, Svalbard

  • D. G. Smith (a1), W. B. Harland (a2), N. F. Hughes (a2) and C. A. G. Pickton (a2)


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