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The fauna and flora of the March Gravels at Northam Pit, Eye, Cambridgeshire, England

  • D. H. Keen (a1), J. E. Robinson (a2), R. G. West (a3), F. Lowry (a2), D. R. Bridgland (a4) and N. D. W. Davey (a4)...


Investigations of the March Gravels of Northam Pit, Eye, Cambridgeshire, have provided previously undescribed molluscan, ostracod and foraminiferal faunas together with pollen spectra, which enable a detailed palaeoenvironmental synthesis to be developed. The sediments were laid down in brackish-water conditions and a temperate environment, during a Late Pleistocene temperate stage.



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The fauna and flora of the March Gravels at Northam Pit, Eye, Cambridgeshire, England

  • D. H. Keen (a1), J. E. Robinson (a2), R. G. West (a3), F. Lowry (a2), D. R. Bridgland (a4) and N. D. W. Davey (a4)...


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