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Discovery of a Sphaeroschwagerina fusuline fauna from the Raggyorcaka Lake area, northern Tibet: implications for the origin of the Qiangtang Metamorphic Belt

  • YI-CHUN ZHANG (a1), SHU-ZHONG SHEN (a1), QING-GUO ZHAI (a2), YU-JIE ZHANG (a3) and DONG-XUN YUAN (a1) (a4)...


The Qiangtang Metamorphic Belt (QMB) was considered to have either formed in situ by amalgmation of the North and South Qiangtang blocks or been underthrust from the Jinsha suture and exhumed in the interior of a single ‘Qiangtang Block’. A new Sphaeroschwagerina fusuline fauna discovered in the Raggyorcaka Lake area supports the interpretation that the North and South Qiangtang blocks were separated by a wide ocean during Asselian (Early Permian) time, indicating that the QMB was formed by the suturing of the Palaeotethys Ocean along the Longmu Co-Shuanghu suture.


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