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Influence of rootstock on the productive behaviour of ‘Orange Red’ apricot under Mediterranean conditions

  • José Egea (a1), David Ruiz (a1) and Pedro Martínez-Gómez (a1)


Introduction. ‘Orange Red’ is an apricot cultivar released in the United States and characterised by large fruit of very good quality for both the fresh market and processing. For this reason, this cultivar is greatly appreciated in Europe, especially in France. However, its production is erratic under Mediterranean climate conditions. Materials and methods. The influence of two rootstocks (‘Manicot’ apricot and ‘GF31’ Myrobolan plum) on the productive behaviour of ‘Orange Red’ was studied under Mediterranean conditions in Murcia (Southeast Spain). Results and discussion. ‘Orange Red’ grafted onto ‘GF31’ Myrobolan flowered slightly later than those grafted onto ‘Manicot’ apricot. However, differences in the date of ripening of fruits were small. On the other hand, the percentage of flower bud retention and levels of floral fertility were higher when ‘Orange Red’ was grafted onto ‘GF31’ than onto ‘Manicot’, resulting in higher yields and fruits with a smaller weight. The increase in flower bud retention of ‘Orange Red’ grafted onto the rootstock ‘GF31’ was the main factor responsible for the increase in yield observed with this rootstock. Conclusion. Interaction between the cultivar and rootstock is presented as an interesting strategy for cultivar adaptation to different climatic areas.


Corresponding author


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Influence of rootstock on the productive behaviour of ‘Orange Red’ apricot under Mediterranean conditions

  • José Egea (a1), David Ruiz (a1) and Pedro Martínez-Gómez (a1)


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