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The Use of Azolla Pinnata Isolates as Organic Nitrogen Sources for Lowland Rice (Oryza Sativa)

  • A. L. Singh (a1) and P. K. Singh (a1)


Four isolates of Azolla pinnata collected from Bangkok, Bangladesh, Vietnam and India grew well when used in paddy fields both before and after transplanting with rice varieties of different heights and times to maturity. Azolla increased plant height, tillering, 1000-grain weight, grain and straw yields, nitrogen concentration and uptake, and soil fertility.

The response of rice to Azolla was similar to that obtained by applying 60 kg N ha−1 as urea in three split applications. The different Azolla isolates differed in their growth, N2-fixation and response to rice crops and soil fertility. All these characteristics were better in the isolates from Bangkok and Vietnam than in those from Bangladesh and India. Azolla growth and N2-fixation were better with short rice varieties (IR-36, Ratna and Kalinga-II) than with Mahsuri, a tall rice variety, but Mahsuri, having a longer growing season, showed a better response to Azolla.



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The Use of Azolla Pinnata Isolates as Organic Nitrogen Sources for Lowland Rice (Oryza Sativa)

  • A. L. Singh (a1) and P. K. Singh (a1)


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