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  • F. P. GOMES (a1), M. A. OLIVA (a2), M. S. MIELKE (a1), A-A. F. DE ALMEIDA (a1), H. G. LEITE (a3) and L. A. AQUINO (a2)...


Abscisic acid (ABA) accumulation in leaves of drought-stressed coconut palms and its involvement with stomatal regulation of gas exchange during and after stress were investigated. Two Brazilian Green Dwarf coconut ecotypes from hot/humid and hot/dry environments were submitted to three consecutive drying/recovery cycles under greenhouse conditions. ABA accumulated in leaflets before significant changes in pre-dawn leaflet water potential (ΨPD) and did not recover completely in the two ecotypes after 8 days of rewatering. Stomatal conductance was influenced by ABA under mild drought and by ΨPD under severe drought. There were no significant differences between the ecotypes for most variables measured. However, the ecotype from a hot/dry environment showed higher water use efficiency after repeated cycles of water stress.


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  • F. P. GOMES (a1), M. A. OLIVA (a2), M. S. MIELKE (a1), A-A. F. DE ALMEIDA (a1), H. G. LEITE (a3) and L. A. AQUINO (a2)...


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