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Effects of Gypsum and Zinc on Rice Nutrition on Sodic Soil

  • P. N. Takkar (a1) and V. K. Nayyar (a1)


A field experiment was conducted on a Zn-deficient highly-deteriorated sodic soil of the Ghabdan series to determine the effect of three rates of gypsum (G0, G25, G50% of the gypsum requirement of soil) and three rates of Zn (Zn0, Zn11, Zn22 kg Zn/ha) on rice variety PR 106. Gypsum application significantly increased yield and Zn uptake in rice because of a significant decrease in soil pH and increase in Ca and Zn supply. Zinc application alone significantly increased soil and plant Zn but yields were poorer than with gypsum application alone because of Ca deficiency/Na toxicity. The same rates of Zn applied together with gypsum markedly increased yield and Zn uptake, revealing a deficiency of both Ca and Zn. The best grain yield was recorded either at G50Zn11 or G25Zn22, indicating an economy in gypsum at higher rates of Zn or of Zn at higher rates of gypsum application.



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