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Effect of Rhizobium Numbers on Nodulation and Dinitrogen Fixation in Groundnut

  • P. T. C. Nambiar (a1), H. N. Ravishankar (a1) and P. J. Dart (a1)


Glasshouse studies have shown that nodulation and dinitrogen fixation in groundnuts grown in a sand/vermiculite mixture increased with an increase in Rhizobium numbers inoculated onto each seed. Cultivars Robut 33-1 and TMV 2 required 106 rhizobia seed−1 for maximum nodulation and dinitrogen fixation, while cv. Kadiri 71-1 required larger numbers.



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Effect of Rhizobium Numbers on Nodulation and Dinitrogen Fixation in Groundnut

  • P. T. C. Nambiar (a1), H. N. Ravishankar (a1) and P. J. Dart (a1)


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