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Ruth Mace

Professor Ruth Mace

University College London, UK

Ruth's research interest is in human behavioural ecology and cultural evolution, including the evolution of families, kinship, cooperation and conflict, working in China, Africa and the UK.


Alexandra Alvergne

Dr Alexandra Alvergne

University of Oxford, UK

Alex’s interests include evolutionary medicine and public health, applied evolutionary anthropology, human behavioral ecology, reproductive ecology, evolutionary epidemiology and cultural evolution.

Louise Barrett.jpg

Professor Louise Barrett

University of Lethbridge, Canada

Louise's research interests are behavioural ecology of human and non-human primates, including mating strategies, determinants of fertility, parental investment, social network analysis, and the evolution of personality and behavioural plasticity. Also interests in embodied and enactivist cognition and the evolution of mind.

Lisa Debruine.jpg

Dr Lisa Debruine

University of Glasgow, UK

Lisa’s research interests are kin recognition, how social perception of morphology affects social behaviour, and how pathogens influence mating and social behaviours. She is also interested in meta-science issues such as registered reports, reproducible analyses, data visualisation, data curation, and generalisability of research (especially in the context of the Psychological Science Accelerator).

Charles Efferson.jpg

Professor Charles Efferson

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Charles's research interests include gene-culture co-evolution, behavioral game theory, and the cultural evolution of harmful social norms and traditions.

Evelyne Heyer.jpg

Professor Evelyne Heyer

Muséum National d’histoire Naturelle, France

Evelyne's research interests include impact of culture on human genetic diversity including mate choice, social organization, language, intergenerational transmission of behaviors.

Brooke Scelza.jpg

Dr Brooke Scelza

University of California, LA, USA

Brooke’s interests are in human behavioral ecology, with particular focus on reproductive decision-making, parental investment, and maternal and child health.

Rebecca Sear.jpb

Dr Rebecca Sear

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

Rebecca's research interest is in evolutionary social sciences, particularly human behavioural ecology, evolutionary demography. 

Dietrich Stout.jpg

Dr Dietrich Stout

Emory University, USA

Dr. Stout’s research combines Paleolithic archaeology with cognitive neuroscience to study the evolution of the human brain and cognition. 

Chuan-Chao Wang.jpg

Professor Chuan-Chao Wang

Department of Anthropology and Ethnology, Xiamen University, China

Chuan-Chao is using population genomics and ancient DNA in combination with archaeology, linguistics, and history to understand genetic structure, origin and migrations, and anthropological traits in human populations.

Maria Emilia Yamamoto

Dr Maria Emilia Yamamoto

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Emilia's main research interest is cooperative behaviour, both in humans and non-human primates, from an evolutionary perspective.