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Belief systems as coping factors for traumatized refugees: a pilot study

  • Michael Brune (a1), Christian Haasen (a1), Michael Krausz (a1), Oktay Yagdiran (a1), Enrique Bustos (a2) and David Eisenman (a3)...


The severity of traumatization seems to correlate with a more severe course of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (and other post-traumatic disorders), while firm belief systems have been found to be a protective factor against post-traumatic disorders. This study sought to determine the role of belief systems in the outcome of psychotherapy for traumatized refugees. The charts of 141 consecutively treated refugees were evaluated retrospectively. A firm belief system was found to be an important predictor for a better therapy outcome. The importance of a firm belief system as a coping factor, which should be used as an instrument in therapy, is discussed. © 2002 Éditions scientifiques et médicals Elsevier SAS


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author. E-mail (C. Haasen).


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Belief systems as coping factors for traumatized refugees: a pilot study

  • Michael Brune (a1), Christian Haasen (a1), Michael Krausz (a1), Oktay Yagdiran (a1), Enrique Bustos (a2) and David Eisenman (a3)...


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Belief systems as coping factors for traumatized refugees: a pilot study

  • Michael Brune (a1), Christian Haasen (a1), Michael Krausz (a1), Oktay Yagdiran (a1), Enrique Bustos (a2) and David Eisenman (a3)...
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