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In the August 1999 issue of European Journal of Phycology, Alan Brook reviewed the book by Peter Coesel, Sieralgen en Natuurwaarden. Detailed supplier information was not available at the time. It is as follows

Peter F. M. Coesel. 1998. Sieralgen en Natuurwaarden (Desmids and Nature Value: a Guide for Using Desmids in the Assessment of Nature Value in Standing Freshwaters). KNNV Uitgeverij, P.O. Box 19320, NL-3501 DH Utrecht, The Netherlands. ISBN: 90-5011-121-1. Dfl (Dutch Guilders) 24.50.

In the paper:

Kjersti Sjøtun, K., Fredriksen, S. & Rueness, J. (1998). Effect of canopy biomass and wave exposure on growth in Laminaria hyperborea (Laminariaceae: Phaeophyta). Eur. J. Phycol., 33: 337–343,

the following corrections should be made:

The legends for Figs 1 and 2 are in error. The upper pair of graphs in each figure represent 4-year-old plants (not 2-year-old plants) and the lower pair of graphs in each figure represent 2-year-old plants (not 4-year-old plants). Apologies to the authors for this editorial error.



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