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A Stefan problem in a Bridgman crystal grower

  • P. den Decker (a1), R. van der Hout (a1), C. J. Van Duijn (a2) and L. A. Peletier (a3)


We discuss a one-dimensional model for a Bridgman crystal grower, where the removal of heat is described by an internal heat sink. A consequence is the apparent existence of mushy regions for relatively large velocities of the cooling machine; these mushy regions are an artefact of the one-dimensional approximation. We show that for some types of cooling profiles there exists a critical speed for the existence of mushy regions, whereas for different cooling profiles no such critical speed exists. The presence of a mushy region may indicate a strong curvature of the liquid/solid interface in the real situation.



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A Stefan problem in a Bridgman crystal grower

  • P. den Decker (a1), R. van der Hout (a1), C. J. Van Duijn (a2) and L. A. Peletier (a3)


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