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Effects of obesity on wash-in and wash-out kinetics of sevoflurane

  • A. Casati (a1), C. Marchetti (a1), E. Spreafico (a1) and D. Mamo (a1)


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Corresponding author

Correspondence to: Andrea Casati, Department of Anesthesiology, Vita-Salute University of Milano, IRCCS H San Raffaele, via Olgettina 60, 20132 Milano, Italy. E-mail:; Tel: +39 02 2643 2656; Fax: +39 02 2641 2823


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Effects of obesity on wash-in and wash-out kinetics of sevoflurane

  • A. Casati (a1), C. Marchetti (a1), E. Spreafico (a1) and D. Mamo (a1)


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