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Instructions for authors

Editorial Policy & Guidelines for Contributors

The European Constitutional Law Review (EuConst) follows the classical approach of constitutionalism, to discuss EU law's developments as well as comparative public law of European states, political and constitutional theory and history. The journal is a platform for scholarly discussion of European constitutional events and evolution. It is open to contributions in this field from any country in the world and from any discipline. These contributions should satisfy as to substance, apart from the common scholarly criteria, two specific conditions, to a) have a distinctly European relevance and b) include a reference to and discussion of legal aspects involved.

Submitting an article, case note or book review

The editors of the European Constitutional Law Review are happy to receive contributions on relevant subjects at any time. Before submitting, authors should ensure that their contribution falls within the scope of EuConst as stated above.

Manuscripts should be sent in Microsoft Word format (and not, specifically, in PDF format) to enable editing, anonymisation and comments. EuConst has an exclusive submission policy. Authors are required to state clearly, when submitting, that their contribution is not under consideration elsewhere.

Articles and case notes can be sent by email to Authors of article contributions are asked to aim for a length of no more than 10,000 words (including footnotes). Case notes should not exceed 5,000 words. Upon request, the editors will consider whether relaxation of these limits is justified.

Book reviews can be sent to our book review editors Nik de Boer, Vestert Borger and Paul Post at Book reviews should not exceed 5,000 words. For more information on the EuConst book review section, see here.

All submissions must be written in good English. Authors who are uncertain whether their English is of sufficient quality, should have their manuscript reviewed and edited by a native speaker with a background in law. Accepted contributions will be edited, linguistically and substantively, subject to authors' approval. Authors should ensure that their submissions conform to the house style. A style sheet is available for download here.

Special sections

Sets of several articles stemming from a research project or conference can be published as a special section of the journal. Special sections are published under full responsibility of the editorial board and each article to be included is assessed on its own merits through the usual peer review process. Proposals for special sections can be sent to

Copyright, licence to publish and open access policy

Contributors retain copyright. By submitting to EuConst, authors agree that upon acceptance of their contribution they will grant an exclusive licence to publish by signing and returning the appropriate Licence Form. Authors can make their contributions available through academic repositories. For more information, including terms and conditions of publication and authors' rights of reuse, see here.