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Submillimetre/TeraHertz Astronomy at Dome C with CEA Filled Bolometer Array

  • N. Epchtein, M. Candidi, V. Minier (a1), G. Durand (a1), P.-O. Lagage (a1), M. Talvard (a1), T. Travouillon (a2), M. Busso (a3) and G. Tosti (a3)...


Submillimetre/TeraHertz (e.g. 200, 350, 450 μm) astronomy is the prime technique to unveil the birth and early evolution of a broad range of astrophysical objects. A major obstacle to carry out submm observations from ground is the atmosphere. Preliminary site testing and atmospheric transmission models tend to demonstrate that Dome C could offer the best conditions on Earth for submm/THz astronomy. The CAMISTIC project aims to install a filled bolometer-array camera with 16×16 pixels on IRAIT at Dome C and explore the 200-μm windows for potential ground-based observations.



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