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  • F. Mayet, D. Santos, K. Miuchi (a1), K. Nakamura (a1), A. Takada (a1), S. Iwaki (a1), H. Kubo (a1), T. Mizumoto (a1), H. Nishimura (a1), J. Parker (a1), T. Sawano (a1), T. Tanimori (a1), H. Sekiya (a2), A. Takeda (a2), T. Fusayasu (a3), A. Sugiyama (a4) and M. Tanaka (a5)...


NEWAGE is a direction-sensitive dark matter search experiment with a gaseous time-projection chamber. We improved the direction-sensitive dark matter limits by our underground measurement. In this paper, R&D activities sinse the first underground measurement are described.



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