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Nano-JASMINE: use of AGIS for the next astrometric satellite

  • C. Turon, F. Meynadier, F. Arenou, Y. Yamada (a1), N. Gouda (a2) and U. Lammers (a3)...


The core data reduction for the Nano-JASMINE mission is planned to be done with Gaia’s Astrometric Global Iterative Solution (AGIS). The collaboration started at 2007 prompted by Uwe Lammers’ proposal. In addition to similar design and operating principles of the two missions, this is possible thanks to the encapsulation of all Gaia-specific aspects of AGIS in a Parameter Database. Nano-JASMINE will be the test bench for Gaia AGIS software. We present this idea in detail and the necessary practical steps to make AGIS work with Nano-JASMINE data. We also show the key mission parameters, goals, and status of the data reduction for the Nano-JASMINE.



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