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Measuring stars with Gaia

  • F. Thévenin (a1)


Beyond the extraordinary three dimensional map that Gaia will create for a billion of stars, it will reveal the origin and history of the Milky Way as the major goal. This does not weakness the fantastic impact of Gaia on the stellar physic. It will put constraints on the modeling of stars to an extreme that consequently new input physics will be mandatory to understand a Gaia HR diagram. Stars are formed in populations and evolve as collection of objects revealing important clues on how they formed, what kind of mass function is active during the star formation, how frequent is the star formation, all of this is imprinted in the intrinsic properties of stars that large surveys combined together like Gaia, Kepler, PLATO will revealed. The characterization of stars hosting planets is also a goal of such combination of large surveys and in particular of the measure of distances in the Galaxy. The launch of Gaia is for November of 2013 and the output catalogue is expected for 2020. Then will start the beginning of a new Astrophysics touching so many topics that a new age of astrophysics is then foreseen.



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