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The Interplanetary Network

  • K. Hurley (a1), I.G. Mitrofanov (a2), D. Golovin (a2), M.L. Litvak (a2), A.B. Sanin (a2), W. Boynton (a3), C. Fellows (a3), K. Harshman (a3), R. Starr (a3), S. Golenetskii (a4), R. Aptekar (a4), E. Mazets (a4), V. Pal’shin (a4), D. Frederiks (a4), D. Svinkin (a4), D.M. Smith (a5), W. Hajdas (a6), A. von Kienlin (a7), X. Zhang (a7), A. Rau (a7), K. Yamaoka (a8), T. Takahashi (a8), M. Ohno (a9), Y. Hanabata (a9), Y. Fukazawa (a9), M. Tashiro (a10), Y. Terada (a10), T. Murakami (a11), K. Makishima (a12) (a13), T. Cline (a14) (a15), S. Barthelmy (a14), J. Cummings (a16) (a17), N. Gehrels (a14), H. Krimm (a18) (a19), D. Palmer (a20), J. Goldsten (a21), E. Del Monte (a22), M. Feroci (a22), M. Marisaldi (a23), V. Connaughton (a24), M.S. Briggs (a24) and C. Meegan (a25)...


We describe the current, 9-spacecraft Interplanetary Network (IPN). The IPN detects about 325 gamma-ray bursts per year, of which about 100 are not localized by any other missions. We give some examples of how the data, which are public, can be utilized.



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