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Gaia-GOSA: An interactive service for asteroid follow-up observations

  • T. Santana-Ros (a1), P. Bartczak (a1), T. Michałowski (a1) and P. Tanga (a2)


We present the Gaia-Groundbased Observation Service for Asteroids (Gaia-GOSA) which release is planned for April 2015. This web service aims to lay the foundation of a worldwide collaborative network of observers with the goal of collecting lightcurves around isolated photometric observations by the European Space Agency (ESA) Gaia mission. Such data will allow us to extract physical parameters of the observed asteroids, such as rotational period. Moreover, we will obtain a minimum threshold of the asteroid's lightcurve amplitude. The resulting catalogue might be used to enhance some of the problematic inversion scenarios or also for validation purposes.



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[2]2Mignard, F., et al., 2007, Earth, Moon and Planets, 101, 97
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[4]4Santana-Ros, T., Bartczak, P., Michałowski, T., Tanga, P., & Cellino, A., 2015, MNRAS, accepted


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