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A Complete Sample of Long Bright Swift GRBs

  • G. Tagliaferri (a1), R. Salvaterra (a2), S. Campana (a1), S. Covino (a1), P. D’Avanzo (a1), D. Fugazza (a1), G. Ghirlanda (a1), G. Ghisellini (a1), A. Melandri (a1), B. Sbarufatti (a1), S. Vergani (a1) and L. Nava (a3)...


Starting from the Swift sample we defined a complete sub-sample of 58 bright long Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB), 52 of them (90%) with a redshift determination, in order to characterize their properties. This complete sample of bright long- GRBs allowed us to investigate their evolution with cosmic time and properties. We focused in particular on the GRB luminosity function, on the spectral-energy correlations of their prompt emission, on the nature of dark bursts and on possible correlations between the prompt and the X-ray afterglow properties.



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