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A case study of dark GRB 051008

  • A. Volnova (a1) (a2), A. Pozanenko (a2), J. Gorosabel (a3) (a4) (a5), D. Perley (a6), D. A. Kann (a7), D. Frederiks (a8), V. Rumyantsev (a9), A. J. Castro-Tirado (a3) and P. Minaev (a2)...


We present multi-wavelength observations of the dark GRB 051008. The burst was not detected in the optical bands, however we discover the host galaxy and secured the redshift of the host with following campaign of multicolor observations of Shajn, NOT, Gemini North and Keck telescopes. We provide arguments that the galaxy could be in a complex of gravitationally bound galaxies. Our investigation of the GRB 051008 also confirms a tendency of host galaxies of dark bursts to be more dusty.



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