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Automated eclipsing binary detection:applying the Gaia CU7 pipeline to Hipparcos

  • B. Holl (a1), N. Mowlavi (a1), I. Lecoeur-Taïbi (a1), F. Barblan (a1), L. Rimoldini (a1), L. Eyer (a1), M. Süveges (a1), L. Guy (a1), D. Ordoñez-Blanco (a1), I. Ruiz (a1) and K. Nienartowicz (a1)...


We demonstrate the eclipsing binary detection performance of the Gaia variability analysis and processing pipeline using Hipparcos data. The automated pipeline classifies 1 067 (0.9%) of the 118 204 Hipparcos sources as eclipsing binary candidates. The detection rate amounts to 89% (732 sources) in a subset of 819 visually confirmed eclipsing binaries, with the period correctly identified for 80% of them, and double or half periods obtained in 6% of the cases.


Corresponding author


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