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On uniqueness in electromagnetic scattering from biperiodic structures

  • Armin Lechleiter (a1) and Dinh-Liem Nguyen (a2)


Consider time-harmonic electromagnetic wave scattering from a biperiodic dielectric structure mounted on a perfectly conducting plate in three dimensions. Given that uniqueness of solution holds, existence of solution follows from a well-known Fredholm framework for the variational formulation of the problem in a suitable Sobolev space. In this paper, we derive a Rellich identity for a solution to this variational problem under suitable smoothness conditions on the material parameter. Under additional non-trapping assumptions on the material parameter, this identity allows us to establish uniqueness of solution for all positive wave numbers.



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On uniqueness in electromagnetic scattering from biperiodic structures

  • Armin Lechleiter (a1) and Dinh-Liem Nguyen (a2)


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