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Image deblurring, spectrum interpolation and application to satellite imaging

  • Sylvain Durand (a1) (a2), François Malgouyres (a1) and Bernard Rougé (a3)


This paper deals with two complementary methods in noisy image deblurring: a nonlinear shrinkage of wavelet-packets coefficients called FCNR and Rudin-Osher-Fatemi's variational method. The FCNR has for objective to obtain a restored image with a white noise. It will prove to be very efficient to restore an image after an invertible blur but limited in the opposite situation. Whereas the Total Variation based method, with its ability to reconstruct the lost frequencies by interpolation, is very well adapted to non-invertible blur, but that it tends to erase low contrast textures. This complementarity is highlighted when the methods are applied to the restoration of satellite SPOT images.



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Image deblurring, spectrum interpolation and application to satellite imaging

  • Sylvain Durand (a1) (a2), François Malgouyres (a1) and Bernard Rougé (a3)


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