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Thermodynamics of the Katok map

  • Y. PESIN (a1), S. SENTI (a2) and K. ZHANG (a3)


We effect the thermodynamical formalism for the non-uniformly hyperbolic $C^{\infty }$ map of the two-dimensional torus known as the Katok map [Katok. Bernoulli diffeomorphisms on surfaces. Ann. of Math. (2)110(3) 1979, 529–547]. It is a slow-down of a linear Anosov map near the origin and it is a local (but not small) perturbation. We prove the existence of equilibrium measures for any continuous potential function and obtain uniqueness of equilibrium measures associated to the geometric $t$ -potential $\unicode[STIX]{x1D711}_{t}=-t\log \mid df|_{E^{u}(x)}|$ for any $t\in (t_{0},\infty )$ , $t\neq 1$ , where $E^{u}(x)$ denotes the unstable direction. We show that $t_{0}$ tends to $-\infty$ as the domain of the perturbation shrinks to zero. Finally, we establish exponential decay of correlations as well as the central limit theorem for the equilibrium measures associated to $\unicode[STIX]{x1D711}_{t}$ for all values of $t\in (t_{0},1)$ .



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Thermodynamics of the Katok map

  • Y. PESIN (a1), S. SENTI (a2) and K. ZHANG (a3)


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