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Mean equicontinuity and mean sensitivity

  • JIAN LI (a1), SIMING TU (a2) and XIANGDONG YE (a2)


Answering an open question affirmatively it is shown that every ergodic invariant measure of a mean equicontinuous (i.e. mean-L-stable) system has discrete spectrum. Dichotomy results related to mean equicontinuity and mean sensitivity are obtained when a dynamical system is transitive or minimal. Localizing the notion of mean equicontinuity, notions of almost mean equicontinuity and almost Banach mean equicontinuity are introduced. It turns out that a system with the former property may have positive entropy and meanwhile a system with the latter property must have zero entropy.



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Mean equicontinuity and mean sensitivity

  • JIAN LI (a1), SIMING TU (a2) and XIANGDONG YE (a2)


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