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Call for papers

Unpasteurised Milk and Human Health Collection

Epidemiology and Infection is issuing a call for papers for a special collection related to unpasteurised milk and health. In the past decade, unpasteurised milk has grown in popularity and it now seems to be increasingly available in many countries.  The overall objective of this collection is to gather together current research related to unpasteurised milk, with a focus on infectious diseases and human health so as to highlight what appears to be an increasing trend in several parts of the world. 

We are seeking original papers and short reports on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Outbreaks associated with unpasteurised milk
  • Novel or emerging infections or disease risks
  • Clinical aspects of unpasteurised milk infections, particularly if unique to this food source
  • Social aspects of unpasteurised milk and infectious diseases
  • Public health aspects of unpasteurised milk and infectious diseases
  • Vaccination and its impact on infection risk
  • Novel or effective food hygiene methods as related to disease risk
  • Mathematical and statistical models of disease risk
  • Burden of illness measures or forecasts
  • Analyses of policy and planning options for the control of infections from unpasteurised milk
  • Distal determinants related to unpasteurised milk and infectious disease (e.g., determinants of unpasteurised milk consumption)
  • Advantages or disadvantages of unpasteurised milk
  • Other relevant papers on this subject

While the focus of this issue will be on human health, novel papers related to animal health and unpasteurised milk (particularly if linked to human health, or if using OneHealth approaches) will be considered.

While we expect many papers to be specific to their given study context, preference will be given to papers with global relevance.

Please contact the Editor, Professor Norman Noah, in advance of your intention to respond to this call, with a short summary of your paper’s content if possible. The preferred deadline for submitting the preliminary summary is 31 March 2019, and for the final paper is 31 August 2019. Please contact the Editor if you would like to submit after these dates.