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The Kirby Canyon Conservation Agreement: A Model for the Resolution of Land-use Conflicts Involving Threatened Invertebrates

  • Dennis D. Murphy (a1)


The Kirby Canyon Conservation Agreement was designed to provide protection of the Bay Checkerspot Butterfly (Euphydryas editha bayensis) while allowing development of an extensive solid-waste landfill in the habitat of that threatened subspecies. Elements of the programme include 1) biological research; 2) habitat acquisition; 3) habitat management; 4) restoration and revegetation activities; and 5) off-site recovery, including reintroduc-tion of the Butterfly into an unoccupied suitable habitat.

The high likelihood of success of this agreement reflects the availability of detailed life-history information, the known ecological characteristics of the Butterfly, and the geographic scale of the proposed development. This agreement should provide a useful model for the resolution of potential conflicts between endangered invertebrates and resource development in urban corridors elsewhere.



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The Kirby Canyon Conservation Agreement: A Model for the Resolution of Land-use Conflicts Involving Threatened Invertebrates

  • Dennis D. Murphy (a1)


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